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From Jennifer - Hannah's mom

Horses, Hearts and Hands (H3) provides a distinctive therapy that, unlike other therapies, is fun and engaging. The horses and riders are paired based upon their person’s unique needs. Hannah’s physical disabilities limit her to riding on a blanket with a surcingle. This close contact with the horse allows the muscle movement and heat of the horse to loosen Hannah’s muscles and help to strengthen her core.


Other physical benefits include helping her spinal alignment for better posture and working on balance. While learning basic horsemanship skills, Hannah is working both fine and gross motor skills as well as cognitive skills. This is truly healing with horses and is a wonderful resource that empowers those with special needs with confidence, strength, and independence. We are indebted to Deborah and the H3 volunteers for the incredible amount of time, resources, and caring that they provide to the horses, the riders, and to the parents!


Jennifer (Hannah’s Mom)

Neal - Volunteer

H3 has been an amazing experience for me. it really does embody the value of family, and every day is a learning experience! To get to be around horses and people who have a vast wealth of the right knowledge is a true privilege. And there is just something about being around horses thats good for everybody.

Neal - Volunteer

Veteran V

I had never been on a horse until I came to H3 a few years ago. It took me a while to work up to it but now I can say "I rode a horse today!" I'm always happy when I leave and some of my usual soreness goes away after I ride. I like coming because I feel like I'm helping myself in some way!

- Summary from Interviews with our Veteran Riders

From Veteran J

I've had some form of horse therapy all my life, but it took me a while to get back on a horse when I first started coming to H3. I've been coming to H3 for about a year now and I've seen Veterans come and go. Those (Veterans) who come here (to H3) seem to live longer! Coming here reminds me of my childhood. Being around the horses, brushing them, leading and riding them around helps you forget about whatever is bothering you. The Veterans are always happier when they leave, all except a few sour ones.

- Summary from Interviews with our Veteran Riders

From Veteran R

Coming to H3 is like a vacation for me. I reschedule my physiotherapy so I can come here. I've had 2 strokes in my lifetime and I was told I could never walk again, but here I am! I haven't worked up to riding yet, but I love the peacefulness and calmness of coming here. It reminds me of my younger days and it keeps me active. I hate to think about someone not being able to come out here to visit!

- Summary from Interviews with our Veteran Riders

From Jackie - Volunteer

Recently I volunteered at Horses Hearts and Hands for the first time. I will definitely be going back! The setting is unbeatable, the other volunteers are friendly and I loved helping a few riders with their Equine Assisted Therapy. What is this you ask? Like physical therapy but with the added bonus of being on a horse. Riders are working their core, gaining confidence and having a great experience at the same time! I love the concept of this organization; Veterans helping Veterans, and community members helping children and adults with cognitive and/or physical disabilities. Please check this place out, you won't regret it!

Jackie - Volunteer & Board Member

Braylyn's Mom

Braylyn has always had a love for horses. When the opportunity came for us to be part of H3 for lessons it was so exciting. Everyone from Deborah, Jackie and all the volunteers welcomed us with open arms and have been amazing with Braylyn. 

Equine Assisted Therapy has helped Braylyn with her focus, stability, attention span, and she is so happy to be around the horses at H3.

From Anahi - Isaac's Mom

Horses, Hearts and Hands is a wonderful place for kids and anyone that is dealing with emotional and/or physical disabilities. Also anyone that just loves to ride as well! The horses at H3 are very kind and gentle. My son had a personal experience with a horse named Starr. Starr was very sweet and gentle to my son while riding. My son now tells me everyday that he wants to go riding. He has a strong attitude and also has problems with concentration for long periods of time, but since riding he has gotten better with staying focused on things and his attitude has gotten better as well. My son and I will continue going to H3 for a ver long time.

Anahi - Volunteer, Volunteer Coorinator & Isaac's mom

From Johann

I was in a very serious car accident on October 18th of 2016. I was in a coma for about 3.5 months, and my chances of survival were about 3%. Now by some miracle I did survive but I was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, and I am bind in one eye.


With the help of Deborah Ellison, and H3’s therapy horses, I have made improvements in my muscle tone and strength, balance and coordination!


I would like to thank all of the volunteers, Deborah and the horses for helping me to heal and improve. Starr and Jesse are my current horses and both are awesome with a person as myself. I started riding Starr for improvement in my core, balance, and muscle strengthen in my legs. With Jesse it’s like riding in a rocking chair and he’s helped me with my right leg as it heals from my accident. My thighs were tight with low muscle tone, and my walk was slow. Now, because of these horses, and my lessons, I’ve actually started to run in short sprints after just 5 months of riding!


H3 is a great place to be, and to send your family or someone you know in a situation such as my own!


Thanks H3!



From Kathleen Wells

I have been coming out to H3 for 5 years now. I love helping with the horses, and most of all seeing a smile on the kids faces when they get to be around the horse! The most important part is the connection between the kids and the horses!

Kat - Volunteer & Friends of H3 Committee Co-Chair

Jessica - Kendra Scott Manager

We loved getting to volunteer with H3 and helping with the children and horses! They were all so sweet, sparkles was our favorite - in typical Kendra fashion! We were also able to help riders interact with the horses which was so special to see! It is amazing to see all the good H3 does. We had the best day, and are so thankful for the wonderful experience! 

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