Seeking Volunteer Coordinator to Manage Equine Assisted Therapy Volunteers!

Thank you for applying! This position is currently filled.

A Bit About Us!

Horses Hearts and Hands (H3) is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization based in Midland, Texas. We serve the disabilities and Veteran communities with affordable horseback riding lessons, also known as, Equine Assisted Therapy. These lessons provide a specialized type of physical and emotional therapy for riders with the assistance of rescued and donated horses.

H3 is founded and operated by Deborah Ellison who is a PATH Intl. Certified Instructor. The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship Intl. sets the standard for exceptional equine therapy. This program is internationally recognized, respected, and touches the lives of thousands around the globe.

The lessons consist of small groups of horseback riders, or individuals, accompanied by an instructor, and volunteers in the lesson arena. Each individualized therapeutic riding program identifies goals and objectives using the input of doctors, therapists, family, and the rider. These goals will encourage the rider to be the best that they can be both on and off the horse.

​​Every day in these lessons we are lucky to witness how therapeutic horseback riding heals, and improves an individual’s quality of life in several crucial areas:​

  • Physically - Riders must use all of the muscles of the body to respond to a horse’s natural movement and rhythm, thus improving the rider’s flexibility, balance, strength, coordination and posture.

  • Emotionally - Riders improve their confidence, and develop a positive attitude by achieving goals as they partner with their horse, and volunteers, whom they’ve bonded with in a supportive environment.

  • Cognitively – Riding improves sequential thought processes, memory, attention span, self-awareness, and can help riders with articulating emotions, thus developing better social skills.

Volunteer Coordinator Position - Part Time Volunteer Position

This position will work closely with H3’s founder and instructor Deborah Ellison to coordinate and ensure that new and existing volunteers are efficiently and respectfully managed. Our volunteers are one of our most valuable resources. It is important that we always show them our appreciation for what they allow us to do for our community. This is a new position, and this person will help us to develop this role and position.

  • Assist with development and implementation of volunteer training programs: Once a month for quick introductions to H3’s guidelines, regulations and basic knowledge of lessons, horses, and Equine Assisted Therapy for new volunteers; and quarterly programs for more advanced training.

  • Utilize volunteer software to manage volunteers and volunteer hours/days

  • Coordinate volunteers for lessons and work days:

  • Two volunteers are needed most evenings to feed, provide supplements, check on horses

  • Two to three volunteers are needed per rider per lesson on lesson days

  • Organize backup volunteers when needed

  • Assist with recording of volunteer hours

  • Remind volunteers of volunteer days when necessary

  • Facilitate Facebook Volunteer Community Group

  • Update instructor/founder on volunteer activities

This position is filled. Please keep us in mind for other volunteering positions. You can contact us here, or email us at

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