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Community Spotlight with Horses Hearts and Hands

Our community has lots of little hidden gems. And some will just totally melt you and steal your heart. Horses Hearts and Hands (H3) is one of them!

H3 is a little community of precious souls that volunteer to serve our disabled and veteran community through Equine Assisted Therapy. This is an amazing type of physical and mental therapy for these individuals, done with horses. Equine assisted therapy improves physical abilities, emotional state of being, and cognitive consistency to be able to interact, move and engage better.

Being from a horse family and raised going to school in an agriculture community, these individuals easily won my heart when I went to visit. Their compassion and dedication to help and serve are unmatched.

Owner, Deborah Ellison who is a PATH Intl. Certified Instructor, has a passion for serving, and it began with inspiration from a woman who boarded her horse at the same stable as her.

“This woman had a teenage daughter with a brain tumor, and on a number of occasions I witnessed her daughter come out to ride her mother’s black Tennessee Walker. As I observed, I noticed that this girl needed a lot of assistance. She walked slumped over with crutches and had inaudible speech. With much curiosity and anticipation, I watched as they lifted her onto the back of this beautiful black horse. A mere 10 minutes later I noticed the most wonderful transformation. When the teenaged girl had finished riding, she was a different person; she had improved speech, walked without crutches, her posture and balance were unwavering and upright, and her countenance and smiles were contagiously joyful! The change was truly remarkable, and one I would never forget.”

You can read more of her story here : https://www.horsesheartsandhands.com/our-story

A few years later, Miss Deborah became a certified instructor and began helping our local individuals undergo these miraculous transformations. Her patience is a virtue, and has been mentioned upon several occasions by Jacqueline MacFarlane, president of the board of directors of H3, how determined, hardworking, and how full of love and compassion Miss Deborah is.

Volunteer, and sponsorship opportunities are available to help keep serve H3’s members and equine companions in this superior supportive environment. With general sponsorship’s to fulfill their wish list, volunteering, sponsoring a member, or through their upcoming large event this fall, the Bolos and Blue Jeans Gala, be sure to follow, plug in and support this amazing organization that is moving mountains for our veteran and special needs community. H3 also hosts family fun days to allow your children to interact with their horses. Stay tuned and visit their site or social media accounts for upcoming events!

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