Meet our Horses

We are pleased to introduce our beloved Equine Assisted Therapy Horses. All of H3's horses are very sweet and take great care of their riders! We couldn't ask for better partners!


Jesse came to us as a rescue/donation. He was an athlete header roping horse and sadly developed some breathing issues. He is living a retired life with H3, and continues to be one of the favorites among riders and volunteers. He is a sweet and gentle loving quarter horse.


Toby is the loving clown of the herd, and first to socially accept a new horse into the herd. He was one of H3’s original rescued horses. He came to us as a donation through a woman whose daughter had unfortunately outgrown her interest in horses. The mother donated him to us, and he has made a perfect beginners horse for H3.


Venus is a red headed, freckle faced beauty who entered the program when her owner insisted she'd make a good addition. Venus is a quarter horse mare who is very kind and gentle. She is perfect for our smaller size riders.


Teddy is a playful and sweet quarter horse that was donated to H3 in 2017 by a grandmother and her 8 year old granddaughter. He loves being brushed by his riders. He likes to observe the scenery, and sometimes needs a little extra motivation to work. 


Choco is a Rocky Mountain Gaited Horse who was donated to us.  He is a gentle giant, and a handsome fellow, making him easy to love. He has a unique gait that can help with different aspects of what the riders need.


Originally called "Chispita," which means little Spark in Spanish. Sparkles is a 6-year-old sorrel/white mini mare pony that was donated to Horses, Hearts and Hands in November 2011. This little sweetheart loves being a therapy horse. Rider's refer to her as "My Pony" and love giving her gingersnaps and carrots.

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