About Horses Hearts and Hands 

H3 offers therapeutic riding lessons to enrich the quality of life for those dealing with cognitive, emotional and physical disabilities.  Each individualized program will identify goals and objectives using the input of doctors, therapists, family, and the rider.  These goals will encourage the rider to be the best that they can be both on and off the horse.

H3 is founded and operated by Deborah Ellison who is a PATH Intl. Certified Instructor (her story here). The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) Intl. sets the standard for exceptional equine assisted activities and therapy (EAAT). This program is internationally recognized, respected, and touches the lives of thousands around the globe.

Mission Statement:

To enhance and enrich the quality of life for those dealing with cognitive, emotional, and physical disabilities through the benefits of therapeutic horseback riding.


To discuss therapeutic horseback riding lessons or schedule an appointment for you or your child, use our contact forum or contact our founder directly:

Deborah Ellison

PATH Intl. Certified Instructor

(432) 352-5070


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